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Naturopathic Physician: 

Dr. Jessica L. Bridges  



My journey  into health care began at an early age.  As a child I was intrigued with nature, humanity, & art.  Starting around age 4, I backpacked and explored the Cascade Mountains and the WA coast with my parents.   Around the same time, I fell in love with a hit TV series called Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  From this show, I was inspired by a woman doctor practicing medicine (very taboo for a woman in the 1800s) in a small town.  What intrigued me most was how she practiced medicine: using a combination of modern science (of her time), clinical research, and age old medicine she adapted (and found around her) from the Native Americans in her area.  In high school, I had two jobs: one was working at a health food store and the other was running the front desk of an acupuncture clinic.  During those years, I learned a lot about nutrition, customer service, and how to run a private practice.  The health care seed was planted (although I didn't yet know it). After high school, I decided I wanted to become a teacher and so I enrolled in Western Washington for my undergraduate degree.  In 2006, in the midst of applying to graduate programs, I was hit by many health issues and looked for help.  I was referred to Dr. Miller, a primary care Naturopathic Physician.  Through lab work, clinical exam, and thorough history taking, Dr. Miller was able to get to the root of my problems.  What impressed me most about her was how she practiced medicine. She did so not only with the mind and experience of a doctor but also with the heart and care like that of a mother.  Through the years Dr. Miller has become a mentor and teacher for me and inspired me to re-pursue medicine; specifically, Naturopathic Medicine.  Seven years later in 2013, I graduated from Bastyr University as an ND and opened what would become Leavenworth Family Medicine.  Today, the mission remains the same: to provide cost effective, comprehensive, & individualized Naturopathic health care to you and your family while bridging the gaps between alternative and allopathic medical models.  I believe that this approach allows for more comprehensive care for all patients and families.  Today I am proud to be a teacher of health.  After all, the Latin root for doctor is Docere which when translated into English means Teacher…

Special Interests:  

Although my passion is in primary care, my areas of special interest include: nutrition, pediatrics, women's health, digestive health, and adolescent care.  Outside of my career as a physician, I am a proud mother of two: a five year old daughter and a five month old son, a wife, and an avid outdoor enthusiast.  

​Healing Philosophy:

As a Naturopath, I believe that the body and mind have an inherent healing capacity.  Many factors often impede our ability to heal including: poor lifestyle and dietary choices, metabolic and endocrine imbalances, genetic factors, chronic disease(s), vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress, improperly managed supplements/prescription medications (and side effects from these), and a lack of sleep.  My goal is to address all contributing factors to both good health and disease with the ultimate goal of maximal health and wellness.  For some, this may mean surgery and for others, lifestyle changes.  My focus clinically is on prevention (staying up to date on wellness exams, imaging studies, & labs) & helping individuals make lifestyle and dietary changes to foster optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.  

Education and Prior Employment: 

​Baster University, Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine

Certificate in Trigger Point & Neural Therapy, 2012

​Western WA University, B.A. English, Creative Writing

​Bellevue College, AA

(and 2 years undergraduate science classes)

​Office manager at Energetic Medicine, 2002-2009

​​-Dr. Jessica Bridges